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DJ Skipp: I started as a drummer, back in the early 1970's and I played with many of the local home town bands. At that current time bands started to die out and the DJs started to do more of the parties in all the local towns. I started to follow and favorite a few DJs from Long Island and New York city. At the time my close friend Dion Sessions (DJ Jimi Zulu) and I decided we wanted to start to DJ and this is how my DJ career started.


Legendary in the DJ world means the DJ has done many great parties for a very long time. I have been spinning music since the mid 1970's. This label has to be proven and you are labled by your peers.

Mix Master

Mix Master in the DJ world means a dj that is very good at continuous music blending. Mxing music from turntable one to turntable two, with that said I am the master of the music mix.

40 Plus Years Experience

I have 40 years of experience, during these years I have provided music for many types of functions and all types of events. I take pride in making sure that I provide the best party experience for all my clients. Times have changed since I started in this business, I remember I had to carry crates and crates of records to each event. At that time, I had a suitcase with more then 10,000 cd's when cd players were the DJ thing. Not only does my experience showcase my DJ skills but also my knowledge of equipment and lighting products.

Quality Sound System

Why is the DJ sound system so important?
During a wedding, party, or any type of function, crystal clear good sounding music is the major key to a successful event. When the best man makes the toast, when the bride and groom thank the guest. If the microphone is clear and the music is clear sounding with rich and a very lice low end bingo your event is a success. I spec out each event's venue to design the sound system to match the overall size of the venue room. I own a large amount of sound equipment and take pride in my system sounding excellent. You can see by the photos above.

My Music Collection

My music collection spans multiple music genres. I have collected music on original records, including albums, 45 rpm, and special hard to find 12-inch special releases. During these current times you should and hopefully will not have a DJ show up at your event with records or CDs. If your DJ shows up with out a laptop and the most current system which includes mp3 music files you are basically in trouble. I have converted most of my music collection over to the current mp3 format.
I have a very nice collection of all types of music, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop and House Music. I also have Latin, Merengue, Spanish, Soca and Calypso music. My music spans the years from the early 50s to the most current top hits. You may laugh but I also have a large Disco music collection. Music is all clean versions.

Why Hire DJ Skipp?

Why should you hire my DJ services?
If you decide to hire my services, I am dedicated to insuring you that your birthday, wedding, back yard party, what ever your function is that the music and lighting services are outstanding. I love what I do, I am not just showing up to your event to get paid. I am there to put on a show, make your guest dance, make sure the music satisfies everyone no matter the age. So, with that said you can see by a few pictures that are shown above and below, guests have fun when I DJ.
I know in these times of the laptop DJs you may want to make your choice by price. Keep this is mind, your photographer or video person cannot take great footage at your event if the DJ does not make your guests dance.

Event & Party Lighting

Each event that I provide DJ services will also come with dance lighting. This is a small light bar that will provide enough dance lights for a small venue. At additional fees you can add a medium light show to a large light show that will include wash lights and up lighting. These lights will give you venue room a nice feel and professional look. Please inquire about additional lights when you book your event. I also can provide GOBO lighting with personal image or wording. GOBO will display your personal message on a wall or floor. Additional fee applies.

Text to Screen & Photo-Bomb

Text to screen (photo-bomb) is a very cool service to add to any party. This service includes multiple TV screens for the guest to interact with. This service will display a twitter hash tag, a phone number to text to, and an email. Your guests can then text, post on the twitter tag or email the screen with pictures and texts. Once the party is over you will have a private web page that shows all the pictures and texts from your guest.

Video DJ Services

Video DJ services can be added to your event for an additional fee. This service includes dual or multiple TV screens with ranges from 40 inch to 55 inches. that will display music videos. I have a very large video music library and all videos are clean versions. Please ask about my VJ DJ services.

Pre-Mixed Cds & MP3 Mixes

Pre-mixed music mixes are great for your party or for your car's CD player. You can listen to all my mixes for free from the link attached to the CD cover image below (please follow my mix cloud page). You can also purchase these CD's from my DJ SKIPP in the Mix website. Link is provided on the drop-down menu.

Booking Information

If you would like to contact me about your event, please call me at 202.391.3123. I will be pleased to talk about your event and give you the best possible price. You can also use the contact form by selecting Contact from the drop drown menu on the top right side of this website. Last you can get a Quote by using the Get A Quote image link below. Thank You for visiting my website.

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