Years of experience...

I started as a drummer, back in the early 1970s and I played with many of the local hometown bands. At that current time, DJs started to do more of the parties in all the local towns. I started to follow and favorite a few DJs from Long Island and New York City. My friend Dion Sessions (DJ Jimi Zulu) and I decided to start to DJ, which is how my DJ career started.

Legendary Mix Master

Legendary in the DJ world means the DJ has done many great parties for a very long time. I have been spinning music since the mid 1970’s. This label has to be proven and you are labled by your peers. Mix Master in the DJ world means a dj that is very good at continuous music blending. Mxing music from turntable one to turntable two, with that said I am the master of the music mix.

I have 40 plus years of experience, during these years I have provided music for many types of functions and all types of events. I take pride in making sure that I provide the best party experience for all my clients. Times have changed since I started in this business, I remember I had to carry crates and crates of records to each event. At that time, I had a suitcase with more than 10,000 CDs when cd players were the DJ thing. Not only does my experience showcase my DJ skills but also my knowledge of equipment and lighting products.